New updates and improvements to LabSmart.

  1. View test counts

    New Feature

    Test counts feature is released in Beta. You can view test counts for 1 day, to over 1 month's period. Permission to view the test counts is limited to account owners.

    Bill entries are ordered by highest to lowest and search option is available to search within the page.

    Sample screenshot -

  2. Hi,

    To help make reports more readable we have aligned all the TAT related fields on the right. This also help comply with NABL norms, in order to keep the patient and doctor informed about the testing process.

    Example NABL report format.


    To enable this format, update "print setting" available on view report page.


    Received on field is added to capture more TAT related information.

  3. Rich text editor for Digital x-ray and USG reports/templates now supports copying content from MS-Word. More formatting options are added as displayed in the screenshot below.



    1. Font will not be copied when copying content from MS-Word editor, but you can manually set the font.

    2. You can use page break option to print content from a new page.


    Radiology editor update

    I have attached a image which is similar to Ms-Word like options which can be implements in our software, so that this will give a free hand to reporting where we can increase & decrease font size, basic standard font selection, highlighting any remarks, paragraph, copy format options etc.... Original title: USG Reporting Templates Feature Update



  4. Business analysis page is updated to include case type revenue bifurcation. Also, for privacy reasons now the duration limit is set to 1 months (31 days).


    Information on website -


    Business analysis enhancement

    Add statistics for each case type. Limit max duration of analysis to one month.

    Abhishek Srivastava


  5. Hi,

    Today we received complaints about downtime, after the complaint we restarted the server and service was restored back to normal. Server restart takes from 3min-8min.

    Downtime lasted from 12:01pm -12:13pm.

    We are still not clear about the root cause of this issue, and we are investigating. It could be due to come internal network failure within datacenter of service provider. We are monitoring our servers and everything seems to be back to normal after the server restart.


    Upon investigation we have found one server operating normally and serving the requests as usual while other server failed to do so. We have added an additional server to improve the situation, but this is only as caution and is not the final solution.

  6. Hi,

    Please note it is very easy to add new tests and modify existing tests. If you need help you can contact us for instructions (this is not charged). But if you are unable to do it yourself, you can contact us for customisation service.

    Following are the terms of customisation:

    1. Need to inform us in advance of 1 day.

    2. Changes will be done in working hours only.

    3. Rs. 50 per test and a minimum of Rs. 100 will be charged on request for customisation from backend.

  7. Hi,

    If you are the account owner, please verify your number to continue using the software. Patient registration will be disabled for any unverified accounts.

    Also, verify your email as soon as possible if you see "Email verification required!" alert. Verifying your email will help you secure your account. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

  8. Settings moved!



    We have removed the settings page and moved the different setting to their respective pages.

    Settings are moved to:

    1. Bill page (bill related settings).

    2. Lab report page (report related settings).

    3. Case type setting is moved to centre details page.

    4. Few which were unsafe or were rarely used are moved to admin backend. You will have to contact customer support to get it changed.

    5. Collection centre page link is available in setup navigation.

  9. Today we had brief downtime incident, caused due to hardware/network failure on our database server.

    When the incident occurred we received an automated email notice from Heroku (our cloud service provider). The database service was restored after 2 mins of downtime.

    This was not a code related issue and rather a service provider issue, in such cases we would cases we reach out to our service provider and wait for them to resolve the issue.

    Screenshots attached for reference:


  10. Hi,

    We have updated our pricing and plans. Our pricing and plans are subject to change in future as well, please visit to know more.

    Please note:

    1. Pricing changes is only for new accounts.

    2. Free trial is now limited to 10 days.