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  1. Manage users option will only be available to account owner.
  2. Settings on bill page now allows to modify address and sms settings.
  3. Auto crop feature (in beta) is available for letterhead cropping on basis of header height and footer height, additional options of signature area height and case info area height are introduced so that letterhead fits better on the report pdf.
  4. Onboarding is renamed to Setup.

Setup UI changes:

  1. Manage users is moved to account owner dashboard.
  2. Rate list page is now more organised and easy to understand.
  3. Go-live checklist is more readable now.
  4. Layout for setup is updated.


Ratelist page - Setup


Lab Ratelist page - Setup

Packages, panels, tests and bill only entries are listed separately. Rate update functionality stays the same, this is done to clarify the package and panel concepts better.


Bill settings -

Now address can be updated directly from the bill page, and you can get immediate preview of the bill.



Report settings -

Update letterhead and signature directly from report settings page. Auto crop feature for letterhead has been introduced in beta.